Now Selling the N95 Facemask from Our Vending Machine

For your convenience, we’ve added the option to buy a facemask from a RiXy-serviced vending machine. We now carry the N95 facemask and surgical face coverings in our vending machines. We have also added hand sanitizers to our vending machines. Stay safe, and take all the precautions you can. We’re here to keep you “covered” during the days of Quarantine and social distancing.

N95 Facemask in Vending Machine

RiXy also offers the option to equip your office, school/college or university, hospital, retail, convention center or other space with one of our state-of-the-art custom vending machines that is configured to vend facemasks, surgical masks, and hand sanitizers to prepare your customers and employees for a safe return to your space. Please contact us for more information on this convenient option to setup a facemask vending machine in your space. Of course, RiXy Vending provides the installation, restocking, troubleshooting, and setup of the preferred payment methods with the option to upgrade to cashless payment.