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Vending Machines Installation

Rixy Vending Corporation provides, installs and maintains vending machines at your place of business, school, medical facility or recreational setting at no expense to you.

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Vending Machine Support

Complemented by friendly personnel to restock and troubleshoot the equipment as needed.

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Multiple Payment Options

Cashless payment system such as credit card readers and mobile phone payment options are also available.

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Our Products


We offer a large selection of cold beverages in our machines, including Sodas, Juices, Water, and Energy Drinks.


We provide a large selection of snack foods in our machines, including Chips, Cookies & Crackers, Candy and Pastries.


Hot Beverage options include American Coffee, Espresso, and Cappuccino, and more.


Fresh food options are available, including locally sourced meals, fresh juices and snacks.


We offer popular ice cream options including cones and bars from brands that include Blue Bunny, Fruti, and FrozFruit.


Our machines carry Frozen Food options such as Burgers, Hot Pockets, and Uncrustables.

Profit Sharing

The Profit Sharing Advantage

Under The RiXy Profit Sharing Program a percentage of the profits generated by our machines are returned to your business or institution. This incentive provides a stream of revenue typically utilized by many of our vending cutomers for employee activities or other functions.

About Us

Who we are

RiXy Vending Corporation was founded by Rick & Xiomara Bussé, hence RiXy was conceived in 1992 & incorporated in 1997.  In an attempt to balance the necessities of a growing family, RiXy was launched with one snack machine and followed by rapid growth. RiXy strives to cater to our clients needs.